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Sand Casting with MetSource

Sand Casting Capabilities: 

Up to 12’ x 12’ x 15’ Volume

Ship weight up to 18,000 lbs

Patternless Molding Technology

Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Technology

NDT:  Visual, Liquid Penetrant, Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Hydrostatic, CMM capability and Laser Scanning

Tolerances:  +/- 0.030” As cast

Surface Finish:  150 – 250 RMS As-cast


Sand Casting Process Description: 

Sand casting is the most widely used process to deliver cast product in a near net shape with or without internal passages.  The process is versatile and cost effective even for low volume runs.

In the sand casting process, a pattern of the desired finished part is constructed out of hardwood, urethane, metal or foam.  Sand containing bonding materials is packed around the pattern to form the mold. The pattern is removed from the bonded sand leaving a cavity in the mold that is the shape of the part.  Internal passageways, including intricate structures can be added to the mold by adding cores. Molten metal is poured into the cavity and the metal solidifies. The sand is removed through a shakeout process.  The gates and risers (rigging) are removed leaving the desired part for finishing.

When to use Sand Castings:

  • Shaped or non-symmetrical parts

  • Large parts – up to 15,000 lbs or more

  • Parts that require internal structures

  • Parts that require cast alloy materials that are not available in wrought form


Typical Sand Casting Products:

Pump and Valve Components 

Pump housings


Aerospace HF and SPF Forming Dies

Flow meters



Austenitic Stainless CF3, CF8, CF8C, CF8M, CH20, CK20, CF10SMnN, CG6MMN

Super Austenitic CK3MCuN, CN7M, CN3MN

Duplex Ferralium® 255, CD3MN (4A), CE3MN (5A), CD4MCu (1A), CD4MCuN (1B), CD3MWCuN (6A)

Precipitation Hardening 14-4PH, 15-5PH (CB7CU-2), 17-4PH (CB7CU-1)

Martensitic C12, CA15, CA40, 440A, 440B, 440C, CA6NM 

Heat Resistant Stainless ASTM A297 H-series, 50Cr-50Ni-Nb, Specialty Heat Resistant formulated by application

Severe Corrosion and Heat Inconel® 617, Inconel® 625, ASTM A494 C-series

Nickel – Copper ASTM A494 M-series:  M35-1, M35-2, M30H, M25S, M30C

Aluminum Bronze C95400

Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95500

Gray Iron Class 25, 30, 35 ASTM A48 Gray Iron

Ductile Iron 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 60-40-18, ASTM A536 Ductile Iron

Austempered Ductile Iron ASTM A897 Grades 1-5 (ADI)


Ferralium® is a registered trademark of Langely Alloys for a super duplex stainless steel alloy

Inconel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation for a family of austenitic nickel-chromium based superalloys

Quality Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)


PED Pressure Equipment Directive

NORSOK M650 Rev 4:  Duplex Grade 4A, Super Duplex Grade 5A, Super Austenitic Grade CK3MCuN



Conversion Assistance

Do you have a complicated machined hog-out or fabrication that may lend itself to converting to an investment casting?   Give a MetSource Engineer a call to discuss the ability to investment cast your product to improve Quality, Cost and / or Lead-time.

Material Process Selection

Do you have a part design but want a Solutions expert to advise optimal process to produce your part?  Subtle changes in part design can optimize process manufacturability to reduce cost, increase part quality and / or increase throughput.

Metallurgical Assistance

Do you want to speak to a Metallurgist regarding a part and environment to help with material selection?  Alloy selection can greatly affect overall cost and part manufacturability.

On-Site Visit and / or Phone Consultation

Do you wish to have a MetSource Engineer call or visit you to discuss a particular application?  


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