Net-Shaped Centrifugals

Net-Shaped Centrifugals with MetSource

Near Net-Shaped Centrifugals combine the advantages of desired profiles cast-in with the metallurgical and thru-wall structural integrity of the centrifugal process.


Net-shapng can be added to centrifugally cast components through the use of sand or ceramic split dies.  True net-shaping at investment casting levels on the O.D. can be achieved utilizing proprietary net-shaping technology and special tooling.  Either net-shaping or near net0shaping can dramatically reduce post processing costs while delivering the advantages of a centrifugal casting.


Near net-shaped centrifugals are used as an alternative to conventional castings, forging and fabrications.

When to use Net-Shaped Centrifugals as an alternative to Fabrications:

  • Simplify Manufacturing by reducing the number of components and additive geometric tolerances

  • Reduce cost by eliminating welding and post-weld heat treatments

  • Improve quality by eliminating difficult welds and tolerances

  • Increase speed of production by reducing number of manufacturing steps

When to use Net-Shaped Centrifugals as an alternative to Forgings:

  • Reduce cost by reducing milling and other machining steps

  • Improve quality by improved dimensional stability of a centrifugal product

  • Increase speed of production by shorter lead-times and less steps

  • Increase design flexibility and alloy choice

When to Net-Shaping Centrifugals as an alternative to conventional castings:

  • Benefits of near net shape while eliminating mid-wall shrink

  • Improved weldability due to smaller grain size

  • Mid-range tooling costs provides value for mid to short runs

  • Reduced cost compared to conventional centrifugals and machined detailing

Please consult with a MetSource Engineer to determine viability of your product as a Near Net-Shaped Centrifugal.

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