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Construction with MetSource

MetSource has supplied numerous materials to the Construction Industry.  This includes product used directly in projects such as Structural Tubing used for Construction projects; Thrust Bushings, Thrust Washers, Pintle Bushings and Trunnion Bushings for Army Corp of Engineer Projects or materials used in Construction Vehicles and ancillary equipment used in Construction.  Please continue to review for our unique capabilities or contact us today.


Typical Mining & Construction Casting Products:

Castings in Heavy Construction Vehicles and Trucks

Castings for Articulated Trucks

Tubing for Construction Projects

Bushings for Bridge, Dam and Gate Projects

Army Corp of Engineer’s Projects 

Wicket Gates, Thrust Bearings, Thrust Bushings, Thrust Washers

Pintle Bushings, Trunnion Pins, Trunnion Bushings, Turbine Rings

Bronze Gate Chain



Stainless Steels

300 Series Austenitic grades  

400 Series Martensitic grades

ASTM A532 Wear Resistant grades

Nickel and Cobalt based

IN600®, IN625®, IN718®

Hastelloy C-276®, Waspaloy®

Copper based

C95500 to C95800

Bearium® Metals

Nitronic 60®




Sand Castings 

Near Net-shaped Sand or Centrifugals

Investment Castings

Continuous Cast 

Machined Products


Quality Standards:

ISO 9001:2008 (QMS)

Customer-specific standards or requirements



Conversion Assistance

Do you have a complicated machined hog-out or fabrication that may lend itself to conversion to an alternate process?  Many of MetSource’s success stories are centered around converting a product from one process or multiple processes to a streamlined manufacturing process that improves the product Quality, Cost and / or Lead-time.

Material Process Selection

Do you have a part design but want a Solutions expert to advise optimal process to produce your part?  Subtle changes in part design can optimize process manufacturability to reduce cost, increase part quality and / or increase throughput.

Metallurgical Assistance

Do you want to speak to a Metallurgist regarding a part and environment to help with material selection?  Alloy selection can greatly affect overall cost and part manufacturability.

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SalesForce Transbay Terminal Structural Tubing


Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) Rebar Anchor Boots


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