About MetSource

Who We Are

We are a St. Louis based Manufacturer's Rep Agency that provides

engineered metal and plastic components for the world's most

demanding industries.


Our engineers have worked in various industries, enabling us to quickly

understand your application and better serve you. From steel mills to

semiconductor clean rooms, MetSource has provided both and

everything in between. 

Put our years of experience to use to provide solutions to your most

challenging technical issues. 


What We Do


MetSource specializes in Castings (Centrifugal, Continuous, Investment and Sand), Fabrications, Forgings and Machined products. We have developed a proprietary system for evaluating parts to determine the optimal method to manufacture a component. MetSource strives to provide unparalleled metallurgical and engineering experience to both our manufacturer and end user – we truly are your technical solutions partner!


We engineer cost-savings and technical solutions by providing the following services to OEM Design, Engineering and Purchasing teams procuring metal and plastic components:


✔ Expert consultation with industry knowledge to determine the optimal manufacturing method for your metal or plastic component.


✔ Product improvement by understanding critical design features and how manufacturing of product affects those issues.


✔ Connect OEM's with best in market manufacturers providing unique capabilities to the highest quality and technical expertise.


✔ Provide metal and plastic components within 2-3 weeks from concept to finished part.


Improved part service by providing alloy or material enhancements or suggestions.


✔ Ensure excellent communication so your part is produced consistently on-time and to specifications.


​We partner with manufacturers of the world's most unique metals and plastic capabilities:

  • ​large centrifugal tubes

  • net-shaped centrifugal capability

  • large sand and investment castings

  • extremely large forgings

  • impressive plastic capabilities


Our Mission


Within every customer interaction, we strive to be your metals and plastics solutions expert. Our consultation services are available to qualified potential customers at no cost. Feel free to call, text or email us with your question.

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